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  • Shiloh Adventure Camp
    Shiloh Adventure Camp
  • Ace by Carol
    Ace by Carol
  • Custom Bottle Art
    Custom Bottle Art
  • Island Kleen Machine
    Island Kleen Machine
  • Outlaw Pottery
    Outlaw Pottery
  • Jenna Rall - Mary Kay Consultant
    Jenna Rall - Mary Kay Consultant
  • Milliken's Reef
    Milliken's Reef
  • The Pink Pineapple
    The Pink Pineapple
  • Jimmie Vickers Tire & Service Center
    Jimmie Vickers Tire & Service Center
  • Ron's European Automotive Service
    Ron's European Automotive Service
  • Steve Guilmette - Athletic Trainer
    Steve Guilmette - Athletic Trainer
  • DownTime Aesthetics with Lynne
    DownTime Aesthetics with Lynne
  • Serendipity Hair Salon
    Serendipity Hair Salon
  • SeaSide Computer Services
    SeaSide Computer Services
  • Island Pest Specialists, Inc.
    Island Pest Specialists, Inc.
  • Hobbs Pharmacy
    Hobbs Pharmacy
  • All In One Pools
    All In One Pools
  • Origami Owl by Sherri Centore
    Origami Owl by Sherri Centore
  • CBHS’s Merritt Island Adoption Center
    CBHS’s Merritt Island Adoption Center
  • United Solar Energy
    United Solar Energy
  • Seal Tight Roofing Experts
    Seal Tight Roofing Experts
  • Lucky Girl Candles
    Lucky Girl Candles
  • Firehouse Graphics & Signs
    Firehouse Graphics & Signs
  • Get Skinny with Donna Weight Loss
    Get Skinny with Donna Weight Loss
  • Graphic Details
    Graphic Details

Merritt Island Now

Merritt Island Now is your #1 community source for everything Merritt Island, Our site includes news, real estate, a complete business directory, kids sports & activities, an interactive community calendar and much more! (All the graphics on this site are a clickable link.)



Why Merritt Island Now?

As residents of Merritt Island we have come to really appreciate our unique lifestyle. We are a small coastal town, unincorporated, but with a strong sense of community. We raise our children together, work together, play together and even sometimes deal with life’s challenges together. Overall I can’t think of a place I would rather live. But if you take a step back and look at Merritt Island from a bigger picture, there’s something missing.

We now live in a world with instant access to information, sometimes too much information. But in the case of Merritt Island we have been left behind. If you want to find out what’s available for your kids to do here, where do you look? If you want current news about the happenings on the Island, where do you look? If you want to know who, what, when or where, you either ask on ILMI facebook page or hope it’s mentioned in one of the countywide newspapers who report Merritt Island news as filler. We are changing this NOW.

We have created Merritt Island Now to be the #1 community source for everything Merritt Island because we believe this fills an important need for our community. Our goal is to bring together the news and information Merritt Island residents want and need to enjoy all the community has to offer. We are starting out with feature like:

-an interactive Community Calendar where you, the user can submit events.

-a Business Directory of Merritt Island businesses. We believe in supporting our local businesses. We contacted every single business in our directory to make sure their information is accurate. If you see a business missing from our directory, let us know.

-a large section of the site dedicated to our kids. This includes all the sports, clubs and activities available for our kids.
complete School Information & Links

-Local News Articles.

-Restaurant Reviews and much more.

We need our Merritt Island community to participate in the continuous development of our site. Please submit calendar events, photos, stories, anything you think is of community interest. Also place our link on your websites and facebook pages. Every link helps.

We look forward to growing Merritt Island Now with our Merritt Island family and friends. Let us know if there is anything you would like added or anything we can do to make our community site better.

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